We build awesome things that matter in Gainesville, FL.


Our Mission

Redevelopment literally means urban renewal. We go into areas the state defines as having characteristics of slum or blight--everything from deteriorating building stock to crime--and work with the community to turn them around. Projects have ranged from constructing the signature 13th Street Helyx Bridge to incentivizing high tech job growth. Governed by the Gainesville City Commission, sitting as the GCRA board, we target our redevelopment efforts in four core urban areas: Downtown, Eastside, Fifth Avenue/Pleasant Street and College Park/University Heights. 

"How do we get out of this business?" is a question that few private or public firms ask. And yet, it's the right question. While most organizations focus on expanding their presence, as a community redevelopment agency we're asking what it would take for us to succeed at our mission and work ourselves out of a job, for the simple reason that we've done what we've set out to do? That's the right question for the CRA. Not because we want to stop doing, but because we want to succeed at what we're doing. 

In four short years, following a theory of “simple innovation,” the [Gainesville] CRA accomplished the unthinkable: 1,500 new housing units were built, property values increased more than 60%, fiber optic cables were laid in long-neglected neighborhoods, and a signature park on the site of an abandoned train depot began to be created.
— Fast Company Magazine interview with GCRA director Anthony Lyons


  • Depot Park: transforming a 32-acre brownfield into a "Central Park" for Gainesville with a historic train station, football-field sized children's playground, world-class museum, nature trails & more. Next phase of construction will begin in late Spring 2015--est. opening in 2016!
  • Power District: converting a former 17-acre utility warehouse zone into a funky, business and arts community--nearly doubling Gainesville's "Downtown." 
  • 1717 SE 8th Avenue: building a cozy, environmentally-conscious neighborhood, nestled under Eastside's glorious heritage oak trees & wispy Spanish moss. 
  • Rejuvenating commercial buildings: helping business owners increase the curb appeal of their storefronts through our facade grant program. 
  • Improving neighborhoods: helping homeowners refresh the exterior of their houses & beautify their neighborhood through our residential paint voucher program. 
  • GTEC master campus: designing a 13-acre commercial campus around the city's very first business incubator (Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center)--to increase economic opportunity for the whole city. 
  • Downtown Bo Diddley Community Plaza: revitalizing the heart of the city--improvements to the public plaza include a water wall entry feature, green room, new bathrooms & a second cafe space. 
  • Innovation Square: bridging the University of Florida's main campus & Downtown through a 40-acre "live-work-play" development. In 2014, the GCRA finished constructing the site's signature corridor. Distinguished by towering cypress trees. bio-swales, & LED lighting aboveground & miles of robust utility lines belowground--the roadway quite literally lays the foundation for future economic growth in the area.