What would it take to get you to read an annual report?


Most folks weren't exactly clamoring to read up on public infrastructure projects, so we turned to comic strips to illustrate our 2014 year-in-review. Styled in the spirit of a historic "Sunday Funnies" newspaper, you'll find anecdotes about everything from Downtown plaza renovations to landscape architecture. We hope that this report will tap into a childhood sense of nostalgia & spark civic interest in re-imagining urban spaces. This report was delivered to the front doorsteps of Gainesville citizens in Spring 2015.

Our creative outreach efforts were honored with a 2015 Bronze Excellence in Economic Development Award in the Annual Report category for small cities from the International Economic Development Council in October!

All artwork hand-drawn by the Sequential Artists Workshop.



We're suckers for the hard-copies (printed on glorious, 14"x 22" newspaper) but online is fun too. Click here for Peanuts, Dilbert & Prince Valiant parodies galore--local redevelopment style.

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WHO'S the Gainesville CRA?

What kind of public agency would turn their annual report into cartoons anyways?! Learn more about how we re-imagine urban spaces at the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency.

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